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FinFace Prosthetics specialize in facial prosthetics such as ears, eyes and noses.
Our customers always recieve a custom made product which is right for them.

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The method of retention is decided between the patient and doctor, with consultation to FinFace on the subject if needed. The retention system is integrating into the manufacturing process.

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Maintenance is important to the life span of the product. Every day when removing the prosthesis in the evening give it a light brush with warm water and a soft dish washing liquid using a soft toothbrush around the retention system.

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FinFace is a facial prosthetics clinic based in Vaasa Finland. The family run company offers patients customised maxillofacial prosthetics for rehabilitation of congenital, trauma and disease related defects. We offer a friendly and caring environment for treatment at our facility.

Hammas -ja Kasvoprotetiikka Hemmo ja Rauni Kurunmäki OY which for the last 40 years been dedicated to teeth and facial prosthetics, in 2017 was renamed to FinFace Kasvoprotetiikka OY. The family company has reidentified itself to be dedicated primarily to facial prosthetics, and the ongoing care for its patients.