All patients no matter how large or small their maxillofacial defect may be, will not only require surgical intervention from a medical facility to rectify their situation. They will, following this life saving and traumatic treatment, need lifelong rehabilitation in the form of a facial prosthesis.

All cases involving the removal of a maxillofacial soft tissue is very traumatic and leaves the patient with a psychological impairment. This limits the patient’s ability to integrate within society. A high quality custom facial prosthesis allows the patient to live a normal life feeling excepted within their day-to-day surroundings.

The job of FinFace is to provide a lifelong service for the patient to be able to live their day-to-day life as normally as possible.

Vastaanottomme sijainti on Vaasan keskustassa

FinFace Kasvoprotetiikka OY has over 20 successful years of practicing facial prosthetics in Finland. Based in Vaasa where we are continually developing our product and methods, we provide a friendly environment for the patient to be treated. We understand patient’s travel from far and wide in Finland and elsewhere to obtain their facial prosthesis, so we work long days to be sure the patient’s prosthesis is ready in as timely and comfortable fashion as possible.