hemmoHemmo Kurunmäki. HTM, EHT, Maxillofacial Prosthetist Technitian, Master dental Technitian, FinFace BOD

Hemmo Kurunmäki a master dental technician for over 40 years and one of the pioneers of facial prosthetics in Finland for over 20 years. Has been successfully helping many patients throughout Finland. He has been operating out of Vaasa and Turku. As a board member of FinFace Hemmo is constantly involved in the development of the prosthesis and its production process. He takes great pride in the FinFace product and is involved in ongoing long-term handover of the company to the next generation of prosthetists.

Hemmo’s hobbies are cars, photography, boating and being with family at his summer house, also being in the SAUNA. He is a very professional hard working person, who takes pleasure in a job well done and is fundamental to the history and future of FinFace.

simonSimon Laight.
Kasvoproteetikko, AIMPT, FinFace CEO, BOD

Simon Laight has been directly associated with FinFace since the beginning of 2015 and been involved in company and product development. Along with furthering his knowledge and abilities training within FinFace he also uses UK based courses and continual development. Simon is an Associate Member of The Institute of Maxillofacial Prosthetists & Technologists. He has been working closely in a training capacity and the running of the company with Hemmo Kurunmäki and is the next generation of prosthesis technicians.

Simon hobbies are sailing and most water sports activities, running, cross-country skiing, cooking and being with family. He is a reliable, honest and hard working person, pivotal for the future of FinFace.

jenniJenni Laight.
Avustava hoitaja, koordinaattori ja sihteeri, Personal Trainer EREPS, FinFace BOB

Jenni Laight has been directly associated with FinFace since the beginning of 2015 and indirectly many more years as a family company member, helping with the administrative and development of the company. She is familiar with the product and process. She practises as assistant to the technicians and administrative organising. Also, furthering her knowledge and abilities with courses in the UK and continual development.
Jenni’s hobbies are sailing, running, cooking, being with family and keeping fit. She is a friendly, honest and reliable person important to the smooth running and future of FinFace.

rauniRauni Kurunmäki.
EHT, erikoishammasteknikko ja avustava hoitaja, FinFace BOD

Rauni Kurunmäki has been a dental technician for over 31 years and a facial prosthetist for over 20 years. She has worked closely to a high standard with Hemmo Kurunmäki, and is aiding the handover of knowledge to the next generation of prosthetists within FinFace.

Rauni’s hobbies are gardening, walking, tennis, cooking and being with family at her summer house, also being in the SAUNA. She is a friendly, reliable and honest person who takes pride in her work. She has been greatly important to the running of FinFace and will continue to be.